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Lutfi Zaghlul / CV

Lutfi Zaghlul

A Palestinian Poet and Writer
A member of the Palestinian Writer’s Union

Lutfi Zaghlul was born in Nablus - Palestine in the year 1938. His father " Abdul Lateef Zaghlul 1915 – 1992 " was well known poet in Palestine and other Arab countries .
He got his B.A in History from Damascus University in the year 1963 , and Diploma of Higher Education in the year 1980 , and MSc. in education " curriculum design " in the year 1992 , from An-Najah National University
He worked as a teacher in several Arab countries , and as a lecturer in An-Najah National University teaching Hebrew language , as well as assistant of the dean in Nablus University College , Prior to that he worked as an adviser and lecturer in the Center for Women and Family Affairs in Nablus , and Samco Company for computer and communication in Nablus .
He is married and has two sons and one daughter.
He issued till now twenty poetry books, talking about different subject such as love , politics and religion .
He writes his weekly " Hamsa " at Al – Quds newspaper – since 1994 - which deals with Political , Cultural , Moral , and Educational issues .
He selected more than " 200 " articles of his own , and issued them as " 4 " books in politics and culture .
Recipient of many certificates of appreciation and shields from Arab countries , and national institutions , and NGO,S .
Recipient of a Shield of Appritation for the win of his " Song of Freedom " from the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan .
Recipient of a Certificate of Appritiation from the Palestinian Ministry of Culture for the win of his " Song of Freedom " which represented Palestine in the Arab World Childhood Festival which took place in Amman – Jordan 1996 .
Recipient of the Medal of Education Estimation sustained literary and poetry.
Recipient of the flag of the Operation Smile and its certificate of appreciation for his outstanding and unselfish contributions to Operation Smile , and for composing the "Song of Operation Smile" which was translated into English by his daughter " Shaden " .
Some of his poems are chosen to be taught at the Palestinian and Jordanian schools and universities.
His "Song of Youth" was selected by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education as the anthem of Palestine Technical Colleges.
He has several activities such as participating in many poetical evenings, and press meetings.
He participated in many political, educational and historical seminars.
He held many poetic evenings in Palestine and Arab countries.
He participated poetry evenings at home and abroad with poets from Japan, England, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt through the festival events of international poetry for several yers .
He was awarded many local and national awards and got many certificates and prices for his poetry.
Many writers and analyses have conducted studies on his poetry.
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